an experimental, habitable, extensible artwork in progress
in Slab City, California
Pop. 1, Elev. 75

“Middle of nowhere, turn left.”

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“It’s sort of like Burning Man, only with guns, dogs and trees and without dumb-ass Rangers, entry fees, closed wifi and expensive coffee. And you don’t have to burn your art.” — Anon.

the sculpture garden

Currently featuring works by the following artists (in alphabetical order): Ty Bobwowski, Royce Carlson, Flip Cassidy, Joe Holliday, Joy Johnson, Michael Rabbitt, Charles Russell, Transit Antenna. Open sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year, free admission.

photo galleries

by Taken Pictures, 2010.02

by Mike S, 2010.02

by Amanda Jensen, 2009.10

Got pics? Email me! info AT eastjesus DOT org

current projects (technical)

test 55 used pv panels, install (two locations; EJ and Walter)
upgrade EJ power grid to 48V (reconfigure 8x AGMs, add Outback VFX3648 pure sine inverter)
rededicate 6x 6V golf cart batteries as separate EJ 12V system w/wx UPS
incoming: 200,000WH Pb/Ca battery power (for EJ 48V config)
migrate current EJ 12V system to Walter
integrate Presonus FireStudio and Mac as permanent Music Room equipment
remove pedal-powered generator from Walter, rededicate to Tower of Barbarella -or- use with Normal’s windmill assembly
finish hot shower installation (my first non-trivial plumbing adventure)

acquire genset capable of floating/equalizing Monster Battery Array – 10kW minimum
eventually: GEK, EV charging, EV conversion
build 80m dipole E/W antenna
set up 70cm beam antenna, digipeater for comm w/PAPA system, IRLP
study for Amateur Extra license
finish surveillance and alarm system; activate automated email/txt notifications

current projects (biospheric)

plant more aloe vera, mesquite and olive trees

build chicken coop, introduce chickens, possibly peafowl
aquaponics – spinach, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, tilapia…
dig well – hot (106F) and cold (94F) aquifers are not that deep…
get serious about composting and human waste reintegration

current projects (artistic)

Tower of Barbarella – ongoing

rework two sculptures in Sculpture Garden
rework Hubcap Tree
complete compound fence/boundary – call for tires?
Cinnabar Charm to final resting location

wish list

bottles – 1L or larger, any color or shape (wine, liquor, etc)

scrap lumber, any dimensions
scrap electronics, motors, steppers, monitors, analog TVs, radio equipment
working forklift, man-lift
welding equipment, machine tools
diesel generator, 10kW minimum


seeking willing victims participants! p/t work = room & board (in the tradition of WWOOF) for persons, young and old, interested in: off-grid living, solar and wind (super)power, gardening, xeriscaping, wildlife, desert farming, aquaponics, sculpture (concrete, metal, bricolage, found objects,) construction, maintenance, plumbing, well drilling, radio-electronics, microprocessors, remote networking, em-comm, music, audio engineering, stage lighting, catering, homebrewing, oenology, public relations, automechanics, electric vehicles, firearms….