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i will never forget.

Fascinating that even Fox “News” is willing to shine a little light on the WTC 7 collapse….nearly a decade late, but whatever….

this is my child (#ihadanabortion)

It’s indistinguishable from a salamander, bluefin tuna, wolf or chimpanzee embryo. Its sex is undifferentiated. Yet some religious Bozos still cling to the idea that this grotesque assemblage of tissue is a Human Being.

It is not. It might become one, but now it is something that has no self-awareness, nor soul, nor capability of sustaining itself. If it were to exit the womb under any circumstances, it would immediately die.

I have “killed” three such of my “children.” I do not believe they suffered. I do not believe my decisions (in collaboration with the bearing mothers) were unethical.

I’m looking forward to the newfangled 21st Century Bible, with its high-resolution anatomical diagrams of the soul and its scanning electron microscopy of Hell and Purgatory; with its explanation of why The Rapture ain’t happened yet, and why atrocity after atrocity throughout the centuries in the name of a Bastard Jew was ultimately justifiable because it made damn sure this tiny quasi-reptilian “human infant,” about 10mm long, is worth more than its adult human host.

Dear Religion, please get the fuck off my lawn, and out of my girlfriend’s uterus. I promise not to teach science (or history) in your church.

Inspired by the Twitter hashtag #ihadanabortion

East Jesus Build Party: November 26-28

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