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National “Do It Wrong” Day

Ev’ryone join m’ now in this, by declaration of my pre-10am drunk, *First Ever* DO IT WRONG DAY. Paint your shoes green. Walk around with your pants around your ankles calling for Mommy. Invest half your money in a stock or ETF you fully expect to fail. Listen to a creepy far-right AM talk radio show. Leave the engine running. Pee on the kitchen floor and ask a friend to clean up after you. Eat bacon raw. Overcook the sushi. Shake up a can of warm beer vigorously before drinking it. Call your mom and tell her you’re doing these things. And email me with a report. But don’t hurt anyone and don’t destroy the environment, OK?

Mammoth Erection CANCELLED

Don’t look at me. I read it somewhere on Facebook. Dated March oops May 28th. I’m puzzled. Oh, well. Royce is still bringing Cosmos out, though, and perhaps the Mammoth will make it out here another time.

Whatever the case may be, the installation of one (or two) sculptures fabricated in the outside world long before the inception of the East Jesus sculpture garden — whether or not they happen to be made of junk — is an auspicious occasion. And, I mean, it *is* hotter than a pistol out here in the summer…

That is all. As you were. Just wanted you to be the first to know.

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