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2007.06.19.1504 Flipper on pleasure, strawberries, and the Church of Broken Toys' move to East Jesus

"place a strawberry between her legs right close to the clit pour by the sip full just above it  champagne and enjoy both will have fun.watermelon is tasty also. devine decadence rockette bob says he will move  to east jesus this fall. it will be a good move for him. he might enjoy getting out of reno . he bought a truck nice one. now he has wheels..being fully involved with the mission freedom is not an option right now. listen,  observe  meditate wash dishes, pots pans its all good. soon within a year if death or real bad health doesnt grab me i will exercise mobility, trave.l dont try to think of future the present devlops myself spiritualy. when and if travel alone meet so many more people. for some reason people take to me. because listening is a quality that is golden to me  it becomes of some significance  enough from the lunatic. peace of mind always it is as close to kingdom of heaven as we will ever get. keep the faith and keep up the good work.

FANS NOTE: Prescott & Arcosanti road trip update coming soon......


2007.06.13.1436 charlie--1; the heat--0 [THE HORROR! THE HORROR!]

bitch motherfucker heat (108F in the shade) thinks it can kick my motherfucking ass. let it motherfucking try. ain't no heat gonna kick my motherfucking nothing. i'm good, i'm good. AAAARGH.... grandma, i'm coming......

[see? this kind of empty bombast with more interjections than subjects, objects, verbs is simply meaningless and annoying]

where do i begin?

well, those Reno guys keep upping the ante, hoping i'll blog their correspondence verbatim (as is my wont.) Flipper has already sent something like twelve emails I haven't gotten around to putting up here yet. his most recent cry for help goes like this:

"being a humantarian myself. a thought comes to mind.  all this nonsense about unwed mothers. let them learn to suck dick and swallow for that matter. one less soul not taken care of. one less dysfunctional human being. all in good fun. let it run down her cheek. almost as good as down her leg. being apolitical we are reminded of bill clinton blowing his wad on monicas dress when we all know where it should have been placed. between her sweet lips. now along comes dick cheney and he shoots a friend while in state of drunkness. this makes him the worst shot to be in the white since big bill. do him and hilary do it any more? they would be fun to watch. enough the lunatic michael filipovich peace be you."  

some of you out there might find his words offensive. i find them painfully honest, the American mass-media hive mind filtered through an alcoholic brain (read: pathologically disinhibited) and a distant, crystalline Zen sensibility, like an MIT Artificial Intelligence experiment gone bad -- "peace be you;" those three words haunt me in my sleep. perhaps i am merely obsessing about the subtle gaps between The Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now.... out here in the middle of a desert no one cares about, add ideas can take up a great deal of one's time....

"not liking pasta, or bread, or much of anything else except the company of  christian pleasure seekers the degenerate bunch who have no sense of faith but pleasure is their domain hidden between the legs of clam looking morsels delicious with every bite. between the legs of paris hilton face down. spread those yams baby and  we not talking turkey dinner.following watch tower patrons door to door  passing out christian literature,we follow wearing suits except the ladies dress to disgust all  handing out blank pamphlets  when asked why are they blank? we are atheists of course. want to party she will do any thing you ask    except sex. she likes to watch. invite her over some evening peace be you the lunatic fringe michael filipovich."

note how consistent and virtually formulaic his offerings are - same number of lines, same voice, same succinct and oddly meaningful dirty-old-man observations stewed into a melange of derelict grammar and incomplete thoughts... someone called me a pussy recently. today i thought of the perfect rejoinder: "You are what you eat, right?"

meanwhile, Rockette Bob has troubles and opinions of his own. i'll get to him next time. for now suffice it to say that parcels addressed to the Church of Broken Toys are showing up in my P.O. box.

it must be hard for you, gentle reader, to comprehend how difficult it is to keep my loyal followers (such as yourself) abreast of the manifold developments here at East Jesus. for now, i must regrettably refrain from leaking too many details. come see the place for yourselves.

i'm working with Leonard again in the early mornings, doing construction and odd chores at East Jesus in the late morning and either helping neighbors or napping or doing odd computer-related work in the afternoon. by 3pm all bets are off -- my attention is then focussed on surviving, not dying of dehydration, not being uncomfotable, etc. last night i slept underneath the velvety splendor of the naked belly of Nuit, watching meteors and satellites and military aircraft trace their varied paths across the heavens. to him next time, all bets are off. 3pm. military trace, dehydration, loyal followers such as yourselves comprehend how difficult you eat, right? peace be you.



2007.06.11.1350 spring heating up

broke. broke as a rabbit without pellets. but it really doesn't matter. i have water and food and propane, a little gas for the generator, and enough shade to keep me alive for another month. some money is coming in from a x0xb0x USB soldering round, and that should keep me alive for another two to three months. i am trying a lifestyle without alcohol and refrigeration, which should cut my costs by about $10 per day.

i am a cheap date. even if i wanted to live in Slab City luxury, $1000 a month would be a generous stipend. if 365 people pledged to donate $33 per year, this allowance would be met, and i would be free to dedicate my time to my myriad zero-profit / huge-wealth-for-Universe projects...

i am selling off some things for an emergency fund, including a collection of artworks by John Wayne Gacy. please visit my new buy stuff! page...

i am in rather good spirits once again. Friday was a nightmare day - three hours of work on someone else's ancient Windoze box with nothing but frustration, printer failure, problems with eBay ("murderabilia"), and getting terrorized by three spun-out teenagers accusing me of stealing their trailer. Saturday i did little, Sunday i did absolutely nothing. maybe i needed that.


2007.06.06.2128 East Jesus according to Genevieve

all photos Genevieve Griesau. I made the slide show.


2007.06.05.2117 what the hell am i doing?

I find myself asking myself this question often. The truth be told, I have no idea what I'm doing. I HAVE NO IDEE. Philo reassures me that I'm not alone -- just look around -- the whole world is run by the clueless. All I can do is try to chronicle what I actually did. This is difficult when I'm busy, which I have been lately. Exceptionally so, in fact. Here's a brief list of things I've done in the last week or so:

East Jesus got thrashed a little today by an unexpected wind storm. Well, the storm itself wasn't unexpected; I just didn't think the wind would be strong enough to blow a queen-size mattress weighted down with about 100lbs of iron off my roof, causing damage to the kitchen in the process. How do I nail my bed down??? But hey, there was a really beautiful sunset and I got to spend most of the day inside, out of the sandblasting choirs of wind gusts.


2007.05.30.2104 out of control (learning Flash)


2007.05.29.1518 Flipper on Satan

"as we all know doesnt exist part of dualistic thought . cherish him always he takes the rap for all of us. the fall guy for god. first he creates us and blames us for sin which i still cannot define. then he offers salvation to fight satan. life is a morality play a bad one at that. everyone struggles with desire temptations and such. how do we escape. first deny absolute and the party begins no one to tell me what to do. then we encounter ennui go figure. probably better to have a concept of  god at least that is a challenge. lthen we need a why which leads us back to the begining. thought is apriori to the fact if we think about it then it must exist because it is only a concept. they do exist but they are concepts finite at best cant take them with you .and we all leave now dont we.more later from the lunatic michael filipovich remember it is all bullshit. free paris hilton .  she carries a bible now and is celibate for a year. she so beautiful. most think of her as  empty headed. so is everyone. such a waste. peace be you."


2007.05.29.1505 Rockette Bob fileted

"Hello Charlie......have you abandoned the slabs. is that your tennis rackette ??? all us ball players want to know about your life at east jesus. i have cut a harp out of an old piano. wheels will be added soon. we have been playing it using power tools. q-tips. fingers. spoons. hair brushes. bows. even my flacid penis. this weekend is full of drinking for memorial services. friends from tejas showed up .birthday boy and many future cult members have been in the front yard. acapella angles sang from the street last night.not much vandel-ism, but i know one of those love-hugging 'nice' people just want to filet me with a bowie knife........take care...bob"


2007.05.29.1454 Genevieve at the Salton Sea, part two

We watched the setting sun,
quails and borrowing owls,
woke scorpions from their naps,
carried heavy chunks of obsidian
and bedsprings.

At night we'd listen to the music
of the bombing range
and hopeless Lynyrd Skynyrd
as our bodies melted into the magnetic pools
of desert midnight.

I never did get your laptop to connect with mine...

I hope you made it home OK.




2007.05.20.1818 abandoned slab



2007.05.20.1334 Rockette Bob vs Flipper

Before I let these guys duke it out over your brain waves, a brief East Jesus update: I am happier than a clam, litening to KFJC's annual Day of Dub over streaming internet radio via satellite while Vve does yard work with dangerous construction tools. We planted three adopted cactus pups this morning, broke fast on bacon and Slab City eggs (thanks to Frank the Welder) and did a 69 before getting out of bed. The horseflies are increasing in number and their tactics belie extraterrestrial intelligence. The bomb has been removed from the sculpture garden. No, it did not explode. Nosy, nosy.....

But enough about me - what about the wizened wino wisdom fresh out of downtown Reno, NV?

From Flipper, May 10, 2007:

"what we gain leaves us at a lost forever what is sacred. the world shrinks as we gain global knowledge and communication,also our mind as small as it is does not develop any more. add to this the love of the automobile and computer, cell phones. the brains of children stop to grow at a younger age say 8 technologically superior but ammputated from the world within. access has its cost travel across an ocean in a big sliver box does it really exist? big deal an ocean time is of the essence. get me there./// waching women in commercials long legs used as weapons against, hammered into the ground surrounded by beauty without any smell or touch hypnotic tranced into submission.where.what have i brought with my soul lost? we have no soul everything is possible except what is most important. the work that could be done. please give my values send them to me thru the media. 19.95. one time only. where is my cell phone without it lost vulnerable alone. it is so simple but lost forever. remember time does not exist. where you are now you shall always be there is no heaven only hard work karma does not exist only cause and effect in the material world ravings from your favorite lunatic michael filipovich"

And a retort from Rockette Bob, Tue, 15 May 2007 13:49:54 -0700 (PDT) :

"YOU COCKSUCKER!!!! GET ME A BURBON AND A CUP OF COFEE w/ CREAM AND GET IN MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW.  BRING THE WHITE OUT AND THE LUBE !!! that is the way the president talks to his secratary in this church.... not all the time, just on the good open a checking account, there is a sigunature card for the secratery.the pleasant, but stupid clerk sez no secured credit cards for bussiness accounts. i am gonna find a way to get an A plus raiting some other way....i hope all is well with you...........bobby.........p.s. a realbearded santa is needed this coming season at a park. two grand a week plus a room. i was today today that the reno cacophony work truck is in a impound lot and to check back next week for a price. he smiled and said 12 grand. he was joking, but you never know........pussy, pussy, harder, harder."

followed almost immediately by:

"BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO !!!!!  flipper is a budhist. he walks away from everything if it doesn't fit into certain perameters. 3 marrages, many jobs on and on. but he finds me when he is in crisis. when he was needling me about all my  " extra " money and how i should give it to him, i told him to get down and worship at my alter. then an explanation about penis cults. all in a loud devil voice. the next day i told him if he wanted more money than the 5 dollar a month dole from his santurary, more effort is required.....i hope he continues to write. i hope he doesn't just go to the far end of the dice-pit.........sweeping a broom across someones feet was a very bad omen one witch told me years ago. assault is another story...... i was married many years ago. just once in this lifetime. i have had many girlfriends. foracation and adultry, hopefully, are a thing of the past. pour in the right chemicals and most any thing is possible. lead me not into temptation, baby-cakes!!!..........many people are now confessing things to me. people want to speak about different subjects. i want to build that kool-aid stage. people can perform and rant out of the mouth area. check out the plastic chapel, finley frier. toy covered performance area for THE CHURCH OF BROKEN TOYS. out of money. no credit. how about depositing borrowed money into our account so we can get a secured line of credit. a diesel box van to move things for our ministry. money can be made. i was told by a certain member that he did not want to be complicent and we are too negative. he wanted to be treasurer and have plum sauce made, but does he want to stir the pot and lick the bowl ??? ace auto mechanic and street musician is at my side now. gifting water and distrubiting information  is a hard way to get free-will-love-gifts, but we will keep perserving........................CONFESS YOUR SINS--REPENT--LEARN TO OBEY...............                                                                     SEND CASH                                                                            bob"

Flipper again. Tue, 15 May 2007 14:30:08 -0700 (PDT) :

"you dont have a soul, you are a soul. you have a body. literally  quite seriously ever present. build your own environment it is empy without a body. but full always with your soul be careful what you build.lunatic fringe revisited michael filipovich. peace be with you."  

Thu, 17 May 2007 11:58:26 -0700 (PDT) :

"what is going on in this world. pond scum float all around us,but they try to put paris hilton the most beautiful woman anywhere in jail. sure she is naughty. rich and thin. people are jealous. all she needs is bare but spanking at best to make her straighten up and fly right. and  i woulld sacrifice myself  to do it.only fat women eating cherry chocalets watching jerry springer show and fat ass judges with wifes who wont go down on them condone this bullshit. the new war czar instead of iraq issues bothering him let him help free paris hilton . enough said the lunatic michael filipovich my heart cries out for her among other organs of me."

Fri, 18 May 2007 09:54:15 -0700 (PDT) :

"there are a set of rules to texas holdem. know them and have fun. it is work. why do the same people keep winning? skill level is important. what is the hardest part of the game? being able to throw away a hand. dont get attached to it. everything is relative.that is all for free and on line. i have worked hard to become  a good level player. no limit is the only game. poor players as in money or skills stick to limit. i have not played since last year,but i will play again in the futue.value of hands every poker player knows. enough written by the lunatic michael filipovich,peace be with you,free paris hilton let her be naughty,nasty,sexy,rich and famous.there is no such thing as a free lunch. every one pays the piper sooner or later. we earn our dilemas on whatever level."


2007.05.19.1320 da bomb / shower / gay porn star

Today I found out that this thing:

(yes, that bent-up bomby-looking thing) is not just a harmless piece of rust the tweekers dragged in, but in fact an anti-tank cluster bomb packed with live C4. Oh My Fuck. In my garden. Cool. I don't even want to think about the two others buried underneath bushels of rusty cans, which are so badly rusted and rotted away that the explosive innards are probably now exposed to the elements. The fun never stops here at East Jesus, I tell ya. Bluebird found a scorpion in her camp this morning too.

Daily temperatures linger in the low 100s. I got another 100-gallon water tank and put it up high so as to make easier the work of getting oneself wet all over for superlocal evaporative cooling action. I wear clothes (usually kept wet) during the day and walk around like a gay porn star, dressed only in boots and cop sunglasses, in the mornings and late evenings. Vve thinks that's kinda hot. I licked her pussy in the sunset last night, her cute little collared and naked body propped up on the highest rung of a 6-ft step ladder. Then she peed on my face. Then she peed on Plato, who wasn't so thrilled about that.

Plato, somewhere in Berkeley some time ago (note the green grass)

I've decided to haul the recently abandoned two-tier trailer down the road a way over here to East Jesus. In order to facilitate this i have been busily deconstructing two enormous heaps of mixed trash, twigs and mulch, burning what burns cleanly and sorting out the rest into sculpture. it is an arduous process, but it's what the sculpture garden lives on. Joy Loretta Joy visited on her way back from the Houston Art Car Parade and made this new addition:

Today Vve and I drove a few miles to see the mud volcanoes. Impressive, but we didn't hang around long for the horseflies. I promise pictures soon.


2007.05.14.1243 the old plastic-horned devil

this is my ongoing telephone nightmare. i have as good as no phone connectivity here whatsoever with Sprint, and if i really have to talk to someone i have to drive to Calipatria to ensure a robust connection. now, with my internet connectivity more or less taken care of (though WildBlue won't let me do anything at night for some reason,) it's time to switch cell phone providers. Verizon and Cingular have excellent service here, so it's down to those two. i slightly prefer the latter because of the rollover minutes. anyway, as i'm online signing up for a new phone and new service there's a new snag: the computer i'm feeding my contact information to refuses to accept any address in the Slabs. ugh. i'd like to call them on the phone to explain the problem, but MY PHONE DOESN'T's another Catch-22 piece of stupid, bureaucratic bullshit and i wonder how much blood, sweat, tears, money and time it's going to take to jump this hurdle. i'm tempted to try nagging Sprint to improve their service in this area, since that might wind up being the path of least resistance.


2007.05.14.1237 Church of Broken Toys in crisis?

"welcome to your world  and may i say it is very pleasant. rockette bob put a police report for assault against his wife margaret. she hit him with a broom. made in heaven their relationship very comical. he is mad at the world right so i stay away. relationships are tough in our world. in a world where sanity rules not here of course, one on one for ever doesnt exist. do not breed if one does let the circle raise them. the answer is in the why. first sexual attraction,then manipulation thru economic means. it is all about of course self interest. ravings of a lunatic. michael filipovich. i dont want to be a part of church of broken toys. rockette bob can use my name and social number. im too independent to belong to anything or more people that way. peace be with you.


2007.05.12.1315 afternoon giants


2007.05.12.1308 Rockette Bob vs Yuppie Scum

" hey mr.c.... the downtown is full of yuppie scum. the riverwalk has yuppie scum. the river is full of yuppie scum. even the bus trip to the mall had yuppie scum. the yuppie scum are at the schools. at the gym. casinos and bars also.the total breakdown of society is not happening here in reno . they are rounding up people so it is safe. lots of cops, cameras and phonework. i got an open container ticket the other night. two feet out of the bar, bike cops rolled up. camera and phone got me. the next day, another one was talking into his phone while giving me the staredown in the park. problem can-collector, bicycle trash man with an attude problem. get the ugly, insane and broken down in one area. feed them. keep an eye on them. no razor wire yet.......i got my license to be in the downtown area doing art. tax i.d # also. corporation papers. f.b.i check......fuck, i just want to get out of here. all this stuff  bugs me. i will be leaving my apartment at the first. i am tired of hearing conversations. my truck does not run. the "merry " art car makes bad sounds also.........i had a dream that you were charles russel's grandson and were wealthy..........

i got an invitation to view riverfront condos starting in the mid-200's. i must have been put on the wrong list at the soup kitchen.

i was told that i am spoiled and toxic by street people. crazy and too old by another "nicer" group. i did help a blind man get out of town.i also gave my flip-flops to a fellow who had broken many bones while in the river. lost clothing and blood out of an ear. he gave them back about putting a few profiles and stories about slabers on your site.nuts and bolts stuff.  i enjoy the soup kitchen street people much more than the suv, cyack, starbuck fuckers that have taken over this weekend........CONFESS YOUR SINS -- REPENT --LEARN TO OBEY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEND CASH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BOB------------------------------------------- "


2007.05.10.1609 Lucky visits East Jesus


2007.05.09.1235 Flipper: "warm weather"

"greetings from reno. thought than energy comes material. thinking as we experience it is mostly material finite stuff. thought comes at odd times infinite cannot be measured. any concept about it such as this one misses the point.we try to put god in a concept impossible, insecurity motivates us where are we in the cosmos? anywhere our fat ass sits or stands. is there a god ? what a silly question, yes or no is dualistic thinking. thought smiles on all of us. it also crys we are such idiots. so pompous. on and on it goes and where it stops nobody knows. enough ramblings from your favorite lunatic. michael filipovich  peace be with you.


2007.05.08.1520 the butcher and the policeman

2007.05.05 sat
7:22 am - Vieve came at 4am, dropped off her small stuff and gave me a $20 bill so I'd have more than $4 in my pocket. I slept well - the tempurfoam pillow makes all the difference. No hassles from anyone except a teenager this morning who just wanted to look.
Jack-In-The-Box for bf. What am I going to do with my day? I could finish Accelerando, or even Heart of Darkness (on the Treo). I'm in a pretty place, that's for sure. I just need to get the galley address. I think I will hunker down at the cafe in J.Tree.

1:10 pm - things are fine....took a few short hikes in the NP, then returned to town for espresso and beer - doubleshot of espresso poured into a pint of Anchor Steam is splendid. Met a friendly dwog and got word that life back home is Hunky and Dory. The wind left my roof intact, nothing got broken into, yadda yadda, and Plato came out to play with BlueBird and her dwog, Savannah. I have located the True World Gallery. I could spit on it from here. It's cool and breezy in the shade and this town is chock full of freaks.

2:28 pm - more pints of Anchor Steam and the end of Accelerando. I met Piano Bob, arch-rival of Bobby Furst, curator of junk, bipolar performance artist contantly at odds with the red tapeworm of impending gentrification in Joshua Tree. He needs to move to the Slabs, where there are no building codes. I know that already. He is brilliant, friendly, good-hearted, unstable and annoying, depending on the weather.

God keeps pushing me here. Weird place.

I am much happier, all things being equal, when my internet connectivity is immediate. The net has wormed its way into my being. I am an early-adopter metacyborg, crippled when offline for too long. Within my lifetime implants will spawn threads to run around figuring stuff out subconsciously for me, and dump reports.

A gorgeous bleached blonde parked next to my car, walked around it smiling, bewitched, and then drove off again shyly after noticing I was checking her out. Hell, fair is fair, right?

3:43 pm - I was spooling Abbey Road in my mind's ear for the first time in decades, and now some clown in the cafe is strumming You Never Give Me Your Money, badly at that. I'm such an elitist. I am rapidly becoming a future version of myself. More experienced, a little thinner, the feral human jerky Charlie 2.0...taking care of this cafe's supply of Anchor Steam beer. I need a nap, but I'm giving myself alcohol instead.

7:40 pm - maybe it's all good. I felt totally out of place here at the gallery opening but I seem to be making a few friends. Bacon-wrapped dates....someone said I was cute. Ppl like my car here. No idea what I'm doing tonight but it might be Wal-Mart again. Gotta call Jamie and tell him I'm not coming to Coachella. I'm going to party a little tonight and crash, then go back into the park tomorrow and have another hikey hikey, then in the afternoon head over to that Pioneertown bar and while away the hours waiting for Genevieve. All my anxiety and resistance to being away from home....what a waste....I'm being served Good Thing on a silver platter here....slack is where you find it.

8:13 pm - I split from the party and drove directly to Wal-Mart. Something awfully wrong with that, but I needed to get away from the crowd. I feel sad. I don't mind it here that much but I feel kind of like a bum. I miss my place, and I miss my dwog.

Everything belonged to him -- but that was a trifle. The thing was to know what he belonged to, how many powers of darkness claimed him for their own. That was the reflection that made you creepy all over. It was impossible -- it was not good for one either -- trying to imagine. He had taken a high seat amongst the devils of the land -- I mean literally. You can't understand. How could you? -- with solid pavement under your feet, surrounded by kind neighbors ready to cheer you or to fall on you, stepping delicately between the butcher and the policeman, in the holy terror of scandal and gallows and lunatic asylums -- how can you imagine what particular region of the first ages of man's untrammelled feet may take him into by the way of solitude -- utter solitude without a policeman -- by the way of silence -- utter silence, where no warning voice of a kind neighbor can be heard whispering of public opinion? These little things make all the great difference. When they are gone you must fall back upon your own innate strength, upon your own capacity for faithfulness.

2007.05.06 sun
6:33 am - same J-in-the-B by Wally World in Yucky Valley. For all the frustration and bitching I've expressed around being Vieve's valet, I'm having a good old time being the scruffy wanderer. I went to sleep just minutes after 8pm last night. I really don't mind crashing in the Honda. I could go on vacation in to Houston....but not this year. Now I'd like to find Piano Bob and check his place out...

2:01 pm - did the Lost Horse Mine hike for exercise and the views, which were spectacular at Keys View, where I actually stopped 1st and spend about 20 minutes reading Accelerando, waiting for the altitude slam to subside. Three chicks kept following me (j/k; I seemed more to be following them). Drove to the park entrance for signal - no email except another weird misogynistic rant from Flipper in his usual poor grammar, no news (good news) from BlueBird, checked in with Vaida at Coachella but he's doing fine and help is materializing; SMS MS from Genevieve, whose ass is still hurting and who wants to go home and be done with it. I am now at Pappy & Harriet's nursing a Sierra Nevada in a mason jar and waiting for some fancy nachos. This looks like a place for Clamperdom, seriously. Big beer garden out back, authentic old west feel down to the twin moose trophies - there must be a jackalope in here somewhere. I meant to ask a park ranger if they had a resident xenozoologist for the jackalopes and chupacabras and hoop snakes.

3:06 pm - I am "killing time" and i'm tired of it. I hate waiting for other people. I can only blame myself because I said Yes to everything but I have to be careful with this one. How could I have gotten myself into hanging out 36 extra hours for her, while a dogsitter is gobbling up $10/day and I'm driving all over the place and spending time in money-cost establishments just so I don't die of boredom or feel like a vagrant? Much of the time has been amusing, but this is not how I would have chosen to spend the whole fucking weekend. Three more hours, possibly more given the kind of ppl she's camping with - Gnu Age Hippies from El Eh - are they capable of being on time? I just wanna go home...i'm tired....i want my siesta I haven't had for three consecutive days now...

3:33 pm - I need a nap. I'm tired of forcing myself to remain awake...settle up and go for a little toot, find some shade and catch a few z's...

...of all of his gifts the one that stood out preeminently, that carried with it a sense of real presence, was his ability to talk, his words -- the gift of expression, the bewildering, the illuminating, the most exalted and the most contemptible, the pulsating stream of light, or the deceitful flow from the heart of an impenetrable darkness.

italics: excerpts from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad


2007.05.08.1147 Flipper says, "no respect"

"women are good at making plum sauce on the holidays. if it wasnt for the sexual hold they have on males they would actually have to imagine what an original thought is. professional women amuse me they want to be taken seriously but look at what they is called cross signals no respect should be given or expected. it would be better if they were naked matter of fact men also. less pretentiousness. your favorite lunatic michael filipovich yes anything i write or say is public access. peace be with you." 


2007.05.08.0817 Flipper says, "peace be you"

" within our church women will be silent and have no authority  or be a teacher. only with children their structure is very important. shall women serve their purpose. from the bible 1 timothy chapt 2 verse 11 read it  for. st paul his favorite subject is about faith .i am not christian only a being on long journey with the work always becoming harder. one is helped my a clear mind difficult try to develop one not a command just a  suggestion. peace be you. enjoyed meeting you last summer. you and bob make a good match you both project negative sides to each other. thats jungian idea. that him not me enough babbling from a lunatic  michael filipovich dont take me serious nor yourself! "


2007.05.07.1857 a weekend


2007.05.04.1008 Rockette Bob "not having fun"

"Hello Charlie........did you read zippy today ??? not having fun... i didn't touch my virgin rum and coke. it was swept out to sea and didn't make much CENTS. missing the boat. i see that both of our names are missing from the line-up of stars in the houston that heat killing you??? the snow and rain are killing my spirit today. survivalist manafestos and the history of garbage at the fresh kills dump in n.y.c. are my reading materials. kills = stream or river in dutch. you can kill someone using a homemade lug-nut-dowel device also........zippster-bob.........p.s. who reads this ???"


2007.05.04.0951 the new style



2007.05.03.1726 and you think you can actually read this....


2007.05.03.1715 Rockette Bob three futures late for the nibus-bus-cortex, bitch

a photograph of Genevieve atop my container several months ago. time is insatiable.

"Hello Charlie......i am always bitching about lack of money. fixing things that are just are a waste of time..........the big box van i own is not strong enough to pull my travel trailer around the block. i have been paying people to pull it around the corner when it gets taged by the police. friday night i think the clutch burned up. when the smoke was gone the starter was out. power to the lights, but no click. solinoid, iginition switch or perhaps the starter  "MERRY" art car was atacked that evening also...... I HATE THIS FUCKING SHIT !!!! today i did have some fun at kinkos. the flyers that say 'send cash' made me smile. you should see peoples faces when they read it....................tomorrow, i think i will go incorporate. i am borrowing money from next months dole. i think i may let the ford truck go. it looks nice in the right light, but it is just too much to deal with today..........people seem to be getting more crazy lately. some fellow opened the door of my room the other night. downtown and too visable. too many people i do not know call me by name........the clamper gig must have been great. i am so close to v.c. but never get out of downtown reno .................................................wanny-"


wanny-wanny-rockettebob-cry-baby 2007.05.03.1513 bitches made me drink vodka all day long

today i am a free man. let itr fkedhnqpri. vrptudsjf whq9woJS AEFUAO.foudh w fjeiwein[aodnf ......edwe8rjxq ...wekrfhttdtaftauw ffn orguihe wouqh eriufgeiozjkd oriytbv odtihgb eot s. Ytroiywe fdjb fjdbn,.... Doiwe dhoq ghghtub ldoih, tyioidufbg fhieebf, oiq;AWH-23 PKDJFBorfb8,.....--

charles crumb....graphomania in nearly a hundred notebooks,....unintelligible chicken scratch for pages and pages.... my kinda art....he killed himself within a year of the Crumb documentary. I remember once I was at a pajama party in San Francisco. It was pretty mellow until I put on the red and gold silk bathrobe my friends brought back from Viet Nam. Suddenly I was bear trap meat. Want your cock sucked? I said yes. First a slender, sexy male, then a Rubens-model sexy female had at my weenus and testes with their lips, teeth and tongues. Looking out at the lights over the DMZ, where the terrible cold of the Pacific meets the arid heat of the True California desert - a violent clash of opposing forces that goes largely unnoticed by the people who have set up camp there.....This singular mildness is the result of unspeakable violence....happy birthday to you....,human genome gone wrong...skink body and wrapped-in-felid-snakeskin....i do knot know you....

DREAMS: someone stole my generator but i got wise to the leftover flunkies and trned them in; someone's vagina was overdue; the dog was fighting me over a piece of mummified flesh.


2007.04.27.2037 return to the mountain

Thursday was full of strange omens. I inherited an enormous pile of lumber, a hot tub and some sheet metal roofing. Leonard actually came to my place looking for me but I wasn't home. I received word that about $360 worth of electronic assembly work was on its way. A friend offered to buy an artwork of mine for the first time ever, I think. It all made me feel a little uneasy, as if the earth beneath my feet was rumbling and growing warm.

Friday was not an explosion but a comfortable day of work and gifts from the gods. The package containing parts to be assembled arrived much earlier than expected. I spent a few hours working on the mountain with Leonard for the first time since mid-February. I began construction of a shade roof over the "master bedroom" and made some good progress. I got a call from the WildBlue installer guy offering to do my installation that afternoon, but he flaked out on me and did a no-show. Willy returned from his vacation. Hummingbirds found my feeder.

Today is Saturday. The high temperature here in the Slabs, contrary to what the weatherman says, was 104 degrees, and breeze was hard to come by. I worked outside on the shade roof for as long as I could, then went inside to do more soldering and enjoy the breeze of the small 12V fan that keeps the caustic, leaden smoke out of my face. I drove to Calipatria in the morning for some construction hardware and had an early lunch of kung pao chicken at the Mexican donut shop. It was an enormous serving of dreadful brown vegetable matter with pork fried rice and an egg roll of cabbage in fried dough. Tonight there's music at The Range, but the crowd here is getting a little too much like the cast of a movie I don't want to be in. I confess: it's a little scary here. There are flavors of alcoholism, mental illness and poverty I was unprepared for. Luckily, I am left alone here in East Jesus for the most part. My best friends are the Jesus freak and the mindfucking town drunk. On the CB you can glean a sliver of Amerikkka's current waves of hate propaganda: Did you know, for example, that Mexicans, refusing to learn English, are dead set on annexing the United States? Or that Global Warming is a lie? Yadda, yadda, yadda. The only "good guy" on AM radio is a former hypnotherapist out of Las Vegas who performs his psychoanalytical version of healing the lepers. Once in a while you get to hear something useful, like a truck repair anecdote. If it weren't for the NPR station in Calexico, I would be in serious trouble.

Still, there was a long moment this morning as I sat in the shade drinking Earl Grey tea, that reminded me of some kind of eternity wrapped in the delicate wax paper of a moment, a blissful silence and stillness hanging in the air.


2007.04.23.2058 Rockette Bob says it all

"HEY CHARLIE ........... about two weeks ago i found a beer cooler full of meat. pork chops, hamburger, chicken and all on ice. i gave it to some homeless drunks for a b.b.q party at the park. the gave me a clean cooler back. yesterday i spied a nice cooler with wheels next to a dumpster. i thought i might be in luck again. i opened it to find it full of human shit. as i wheeled it home, i had to stop in a casino and play a free play slot machine. it stunk up the area so much that even degenerate poker machine players moved is all good they say. coolers coming full circle. birth and death. ART........

at harolds club, we would bring in my friends dog turds in an old suitcase. we would leave it by the bus area. people steal luggage. it helped me start my shift with a laff.................

i forgot about some of the great shave partys i have been involved in. your mud hole adventure got me thinking. i can picture the foam and hair floating on the water.i like the menthol shaving cream. the burning. a nice smothie to lick. my tight scrotem bouncing against the small child like body of my girlfriend..... i pulled a spare tire from that pond and used it on my art-car-van. i think leonard would shave in it as hair and goop floated in the shallows.perhaps it was somthing more exotic. i remember having a hard on, and walking south-east past the pond. looking at the folk art mountain. REPENT. people would shit and piss in that spot. paper products,aluminum cans, old dirty clothing, etc.were everwhere. REPENT the hill would say. i wondered what i should repent from. sex, collecting trash, cutting buttons off castaway rags could be some of the things. what do we repent from ??? creating idols??? ART ???..............this chic looked at me once. she smiled and told me she shaved her asshole that morning. about then her boyfriend showed up. he was an asshole !!!................i wish a rich ashole would make east jesus a reality. i liked the ideas for the tanks as pictured in your earlier webpage. i am having a hard time seeing anything like that happening. your camp is nice, but........

the guy who shot the students at v.t said he had sex with a space alien named "jelly". the ones who show up for me, never tell me their names. female rapist using mind control to extract seed.........

the niland library sucked. i got a spike jonz (video director) c.d. from the washoe library. very interesting.....................please put more updates on your progress.i get very frustrated by what i want to work on and the things i get to work on. i sometimes think that people try to put a damper on projects becuse of their egos and greed. i am coming to belive that they are just slow and stupid. my art gets shitcaned for many reasons. this outsider artist thing sucks............................keep the faith. i think i will do somthing stupid tonight...................bob "


2007.04.23.2038 vinegaroon buzzcrotch

mercury exposure - the heavy steel-walled trailer was saturated with it. there were huge, dusty droplets at the threshhold and smaller droplets all over one of the tool chests that had stood there in total darkness for god knows how long. everything inside was black with heavy, greasy filth. i scored a nice locker, some tool boxes, an old book on guns, a steel gas can, a sheetmetal 8 x 9 pigeon hole matrix, a bookshelf, a 5-gallon propane tank for target practice and a ride to Santa Claus ranch, where the rattlesnake T-Square killed with a rock yesterday -- a "coontail" -- still lay under the hot sun, just a few inches from where we left it, either stone dead or completely doomed. Santa said there are vinegaroons out here too - scorpion-like arthropods with attitude, rare but very aggressive.

i spent the afternoon working on the wall - added the locker and cubbyhole and some random bits of rusted sheet metal and an antique toolchest; the former is my new shirts / shoes / hats closet, the latter a nifty little bar. the bacon was burning a hole in my cooler so i cooked it - all 3.5 lbs of it - and ate it with Plato. out of dog food, out of cheese, out of gas for the generator, out of paper towel, and out of money. so why am i working on a mercury-poisoned eviction job for junk?

out beyond the bombing ranges are indescribable worlds. National Parks for the future, untainted by visitors because of military presence. flocks of bighorn sheep and wild burros, ocotillo and saguaro. and friends with stories to tell. that's why. get it?

and plenty i just can't even tell you about.


2007.04.22.1638 iron door

what better way to spend a saturday than with a jolly crew of red-shirted drunks? on this, my first clampout with the local ECV chapter (John P. Squibob, #1853), we visited the hallowed environs of the Iron Door saloon in Ocotillo Wells, CA, then abused PBCs and drank heavily. MUTAGEN was a smash hit, go figure.....

top left: words to live by in the Iron Door lavatory; top right: Iron Door broom closet; bottom left: pink-clad PBCs (Poor Blind Candidates) attempt to orient the Farting Post to the east - note the pink tampon helmet; bottom right: greybeards await the hanging of the PBCs.


2007.04.20.2057 420


rain again, and wind. just when i had my bedroom all cleaned out and nice again from the last storm. it's a love/hate thing. i hate the dust and debris all over everything, hate having to change my sheets once every two nights i actually sleep in them, but i love the gloomy skies, the threatening weather, and the cool temperatures that accompany them.

yesterday i worked. cleanup of a Niland residence after an eviction. it was like the cast of Gummo 15 years later - unbearable dental hygiene, whiskey for breakfast, a Slim Jim and a large Smirnoff Ice for lunch, huge waterbugs underneath the rotten plywood, abandoned chickens haunting the property in a daze, a kindly neighbor in a wheelchair deformed beyond recognition as human, like a malnourished homo habilis mummy dipped in tar with severe arthritis. there are places we'd rather not look. my pay: junk, stuff -- lumber, a few books, rusty tools, a rug, a step ladder, firewood, automotive lights, lockers and some memories and the acquaintence of someone i "ought to know." in this microcosm of the Imperial Valley i have (with a few notable exceptions) both the highest IQ and the most teeth. i feel like the one-eyed man, king in the land of the blind.

today i realized i was broke, so i took three 12-gallon bins of recyclables into town with me and got $5 for it all. having found the RadioLabs WaveRV WiFi antenna completely unsatisfactory (it couldn't even outperform the built-in, three-year-old antenna in my laptop), i had once again taken up satellite internet research, and struck gold: a $100 discount this week only for new subscribers with WildBlue. so i jumped on it - antenna and modem installed with lifetime warranty for $233 and a $50/month plan to start with. i am so hungry for reliable bandwidth it's causing me to feel physically ill, like a futureshocked primate shot into space, suddenly deprived of anti-nausea agents. this entry is being posted to my website by banging two rocks together within a 15' circle of bailing wire, with a Pringles can, a ball-point pen, some some sand and J-B Weld mixed together to form a primitive transmitter.

earlier this week Mr. Flux Man visited East Jesus, bearing good cheer and many gifts (casting resin, ammo, tequila, pretty blue bottles) and kidnapped me the next day to Joshua Tree, where we got to rub elbows with the estimable Bobby Furst. we thought we were cool and everything because we spent the morning blasting 12GA and .45 rounds into helpless metal objects, but Bobby has completely outdone us without even firing a single shot:

his art is cohesive, bizarre, refined and all of it seems to come from an extremely well-defined aesthetic headspace. his impeccably built and organized studio environment reflects this:

grumble grumble, yet another person i would like to be when i grow up....

last weekend i watched Roll Call shave her pussy at the mudhole and then got drunk with T-Square. he says i was speaking German and playing with loaded guns before i passed out. i am concerned i may be devolving.


2007.04.12.2312 Rockette Bob's wind

"Hello... the wind is here right now. plus all the foul wind comming out of my housemates mouth. my butthole also. my ears too. i am so pissed about shit that doesn't matter......booze-bob"


2007.04.11.1151 Rockette Bob's past

  "Hello Charlie.... check out this attatchment. just beceuse she has a camera and a following she wants a book. yesterday, i had to listen to a chick from my past. we talked about pergo floors and her bay area t.v.reporting past, her rich former boyfriends and all the land she owns. we also talked about dead friends.

she made me think about my dead mothers hair color and eyes. murder, dope deals, sex games and things i would rather forget

were in the chit-chat also. oh, and i picked up the check...................... my awaking thoughts today (dreams) included the que-up for a former parade in sarasota fla and the sickning feeling i was gonna get gas money, a tee shirt, some photos and a trophy made of there an easy way to transcribe the dialoge off the movie we made??? just a sound recording ???.......... i am about out of cash for the month and i have not incorporated yet. flipper is my third person. he wants to be a reverend type with an interesting tittle and bussines cards........................sometimes the bullshit i go though makes me want to kill. i was told by anothe art-car-artist's spouse i should get off "high" recently when i wrote that all people are scum..... if only i was nicer....bob"


2007.04.09.2040 happy monday

revamping the sculpture garden - spreading everything around a bit and defining the boundaries. several tourists drove through in their Jeeps over the weekend, and i'm sick of it. news from Niland: someone tried to steal a palm tree from an apparently abandoned trailer park and ruptured a gas main in the process - half the county Sheriff's department were there to cordon off the area. some people don't believe in evolution. i got a package of things today, out of which i was to make five tested complex things. the test rig was fubar but i sent back the assembled things anyway. someone sent me a drawing of a girl in pigtails and undies holding a shotgun and a package of Indian munchies with a picture of Charlie Chaplin in the package. i am litening to the sound assemblage, or musique concrète, of Pierre Henry. earlier today i went for a walk in the wilderness. i have troubling and vividly detailed dreams of spiders and scorpions. the What Happens Next is beautiful and painfully crisp. Leonard seems to be my friend again. it's fun to drive to the hot springs in a bathrobe.


2007.04.07.0041 you're deep. but you're fading.


2007.04.06.2344 Good Friday

it was hot. he was sweating
he was bleeding, too - from his feet and from the palms
of his hands; the crown they had
set upon his head
was less of a worry now

today we might say,
"Every Friday is good, right?"

there upon his lonely wooden tower
he could still hear the crowd jeering,
the names they called him, could feel
the rocks their children threw,
and as darkness closed in around him he

realized he was totally fucked.


the carnies, the conjurers and the cheats
spent centuries telling pretty lies of his
ascent into the heavens, his ultimate defeat of the Romans
but his fiancee
still waits in the shadows
for his return

and return he will, but not by
the Wonder Bread miracles nor the
dime store mysteries
but through the bleeding, dilated portal twixt the knees of a
down-to-earth, flesh-and-blood woman
just like the first time.

no miracles, just emergent patterns
probability fields, quantum diffraction:
truth serum, plasma, ethanol...
uremia, stygmata, cancer,
the judgment sleeps in empty boxcars, smokes
cheap cigarettes
and pulls the blanket up
higher and those in fancy robes
will have some explaining
to do.

he died for your sins.
now he will kill for them.


2007.04.06.2201 i want another Grosvenor patriarch in my fly-soup

tomorrow: meet the Marines Special Forces at the Niland Chamber of Commerce; enjoy BBQ tri-tip and fancy cars in Calipatria (wonder what they'll think of mine?); help One Can set up one of her shade structures that the wind took down two weeks ago; prepare for yet more gusts; pick up some doo-dads at Zendejas (the best freakin' hardware store on the motherlovin' PLANET, i tell ya) like a wind turbine, advice on how to install it, silicone, gold screws, door latch, eye bolts, kiddie pool (for the dwogs, what else?)... somehow drinking lots of beer, staying cool, and fiddling with my new scanner are in the mix too...

the new jizz is WET BATHROBE. the super-thick terry cloth kind. virtually unlimited superlocal swampcooling on minimum H2O. caution: submerging the bitch is a bad idea cuz it slurps up five gallons like Plato can wolf down a whole package of beef jerky in Utah when i'm in the rest stop men's room. oh, but the cooling effect! imagine being out in the desert, 90 degrees and high humidity, and actually feeling a bit chilly?

someone is actually trying to incorporate as a non-profit entity and build a scrap cathedral / temple down here. i ain't naming names until it really happens, or until it totally flops - in which case i will make fun of said someone until the cows come home to roost...

someone else wants to build somthing huge and ridiculous here out of cob, and has a vagina. cob, dogs, plastic temples and a vagina - what more, really, is there to life?

on the other side of the equation, a nice guy who just happens to smell of baked ham and diabetes is leaving the Slabs on strict "advice": from his doc, who is sure he won't survive one more summer here. i've known him for months on the CB; only met him in the flesh two days ago, and it felt kind of weird taking (well, buying, but it felt like robbery) the huge-ass base station antenna a couple guys bought him for his birthday a few years ago - god, the history of the thing - used to belong to Stockton, then Crazy Bear.... on the way home from that adventure i happened upon another pet cemetary, less than a quarter mile away from my camp, and all but forgotten under a few shade trees. one day i swear i am going to bump into Blackbeard's treasure out there, underneath a half-rotten sheet of plywood by a pile of ashes next to what looks like a typical Slabs doo-doo hole.

i am so nearly completely unpacked and organized that i have to brag about it. and the beauty of it all is that i still have TONS of space to spare inside the container (we'll see how long that lasts....) - plenty of space for shelving and a nappy couch.

OK, but the communication systems are breaking down and acting funny like Mercury was going retrograde every fifteen seconds: a Jameco order gets garbled in cyberspace and three voicemail messages, sent one per day, pile up and land in my inbox at the same time, at which point it's too late to save the house of cards. a shipment of five USB thingies for me to solder up as a demo for a larger pending contract is a few days tardy and the parcel tracer oracles only spit out terse mysteries that "electronic information was received [shipping date]." Solar Mike's WiFi plays hard to get, so I drive into Niland to jack into the library wireless (the fried router somehow fixed now) and on the way the longest train this side of Hades blocks the road long enough for me to realize i'm a bit too tipsy to be driving in the first place. at the same time, the Sprint PCS bogusness decides to deny every phone connection but grant me extraordinarily stable data connectivity.....i just don't get it. please take me to the future (or a state-of-the-art past) QUICKLY. i'll give you a cookie.


2007.04.03.2336 Rockette Bob asks where the girl is

  "YOU FUCKED ME ON CRISTMAS MORNING AND NOW I WANT MONEY !!!!!! the photos looked nice. where is the girl ??? are you getting along with leonard ??? what about the other slabers ??? what about the great metroplis of douglas ???. art car people ??? the hip southern california burningman crowd ???....

 i am in the belly of the beast with the mark all over me.

free food. drinking, drugs, sex, gambling and bicycle riding. it is so easy here, i wake up in a panic late at night. but, i have always woken up with vivid night terrors...................dawn (bob) davenport"


2007.04.03.2126 why i had sex with Rockette Bob's sister's husband's mother

  "ALL RIGHT !!!! she has been dead for a few years. just spilling your seed into the rocks and dirt is like having sex with all dead humanity.

the bomb testing will help in the process of killing the others, so we are in constant sexual bliss.......

look at the plastic chapel on the burningman site. friar finley. i think somthing like this would be easy to make and erect at east friend flipper checked into the gospal mission. no booze. a bed and 5 bucks a month for lite dutys. he told me they were having prime rib for dinner last night. he gets up at 2 am and makes cofee, washes dishes, drinks orange juice and watches the paterns on the weather chanel. a lot of the parish want to go in and nuke everone. jesus help us !!! he talks a lot about planes of existance. perhaps he means the plain existance or the bombing planes. yesterday, he told me about carl jung's collective unconscious. i had thought that we can tap into the group mind at any time. he pointed out that we are unconscious most of the time and we tap into group mind that suits us. drunken asshole trashpicker or the jesus bomber is all the same. god is love.... the book he had given me, strangers amongst us, was about*** stand ins***. our bodys taken over by aliens, angels or gods. hindu type of thing. a lot of bullshit...... i am glad to get your email.not much different with me. i think i was taken over by alians, jesus or l.s.d. many years ago............................ the end is near........bob"




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