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Artworks by convicted serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Make offer.

Elvis in Vegas

Elvis in Vegas (undated), 9" x 12", framed.


First Hand

First Hand, acrylic on canvas board, 8" x6", named after Gacy's favorite gay porn mag. 


Zodiac Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer

Charles Manson

A series of portraits of serial killers by a serial killer.

Zodiac, Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson. Each 9" x 12", framed. Will sell only as complete set of three.


ARTWORKS by chasterus himself (more coming soon!)

"Daddy's Gun (Handful of Nails)" b/w "All Tomorrow's Parties" 7" 33.3 RPM, 1987 - only several copies left. $25 incl domestic shipping.

7" single, back

"This is the best Velvets cover since Patti Smith's Pale Blue Eyes." -- some underground music rag, way back when...
"Psychedustrial, yet soothing...succeeds because it never substitutes pose and artifice for real mood." -- another zine I can't remember....



Used printer in excellent condition, asking $10:

used printer