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two new songs

Recorded March 19th, 2011, during a party here at East Jesus. Thanks to Jacques for the videos. Namaste.

kristi michele – the way

This isn’t news, but I only recently discovered this video. The estimable Kristi Michele performed this original song during the Mammoth Erection Festival in June. I was present, listening intently, hoping I would someday see the video on YouTube…. Kristi is off to the UK for a little tour and some recording dates, hopefully returning safely to our shores before Christmas.

the dream before

By Laurie Anderson.

last year’s man

by Leonard Cohen. single take after many weeks rest.

state trooper

by Bruce Springsteen, from Nebraska

one of us cannot be wrong

by Leonard Cohen

love calls you by your name

by Leonard Cohen

used cars

now i wanna be your dog

this is the first in a coming series of homebrewed music videos, just documenting the songs i’ve been kicking around recently.

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