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two new songs

Recorded March 19th, 2011, during a party here at East Jesus. Thanks to Jacques for the videos. Namaste.

i will never forget.

Fascinating that even Fox “News” is willing to shine a little light on the WTC 7 collapse….nearly a decade late, but whatever….

the best Slab City docu I’ve ever seen

From The Drone, a French alternative / indie music & culture webzine. They say this will be “much bigger” than they originally planned, which I think was a one-hour show for the Franco-German arts channel ARTE. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I guess I like seeing the Slabs on TV better than live. Go figure.

The End of The Road – Documentary Trailer from The Drone on Vimeo.

kristi michele – the way

This isn’t news, but I only recently discovered this video. The estimable Kristi Michele performed this original song during the Mammoth Erection Festival in June. I was present, listening intently, hoping I would someday see the video on YouTube…. Kristi is off to the UK for a little tour and some recording dates, hopefully returning safely to our shores before Christmas.

the dream before

By Laurie Anderson.

last year’s man

by Leonard Cohen. single take after many weeks rest.

multimedia post card 003

I swear I didn’t make this up. You can look for it anywhere. The wind was still blowing outside, relative humidity plummeted to 4%. This is a 5-dimensional piano squashed into 2D+t. The world ended long ago. Still, I feel safe here.

multimedia post card 002

A moment stolen from the wind. Shadows, indirection. Afternoon epiphanies. Wind noise should be considered integral to the experience. August, 2010, East Jesus, CA.

multimedia post card 001

A moment stolen from the day. End of August, 2010, East Jesus, CA.

multimedia post card 004

Boys like to play radio.

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