The Temple



Royce Carlson (Mr. God) has designed a non-denominational Zen-style temple, made of scrap lumber and metal, for construction at East Jesus, as part of his ongoing obsession with guerilla Zen temples. It will measure 16' x 16' at the base and be roughly 27' high. It will look something like this:


At the time of this writing there is no scheduled construction date, but my hope is that groundbreaking will take place in the spring of 2009.

We need all the scrap lumber we can get, especially in long lengths. Other materials like corrugated sheet metal, steel, bricks, stone, rebar and glass are needed. From Royce:


I have put together a basic materials list for the temple framing. I'm sure we can use more of any of these sizes. The list below does not include materials for special trim, or the benches and altar inside. We can use serendipitous materials for this stuff, I think.

Qty    material
8       4x4 x12' long
8       2x8 x 16' long
32     2x6 x16' long
6       2x4x  16' long
8       2x4 x 12' long
40     2x4 studs - I think these are about 93 inches long - it's a standard size anyway.
80     2 x 4 x 8' long
90     1 x 6 x 12' long This could be barnwood.of any width really - If we find a stash of 1 x 4's we would need 120 of them, If we got 1 x 8's we would only need 60

We also will need a bunch of metal roofing panels. I haven't figured out how much yet but it should be somewhere in the range of 320 to 400 square feet coverage. I will post requests for the above materials on my local Craigslist and Freecycle. You could do the same in your area and we can keep each other informed on what we have scored. Any of the lengths shown above are minimum lengths. If we found longer material in any of the sizes we could easily cut it down.