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My résumé is here.

Call me high-tech handyman, "Daddy," Surface Mount Solder Ninja, great twiddler of knobs, drunken keystroke master, or He Who is Capable of Things Few Understand. I do technical stuff for money, and sometimes for fun. You might convince me to do your artistic / technical bidding if you offer reasonable compensation. Satisfied clients and partners include:

Adafruit Industries (
Internet Archive (
AIP Engineering (
Mad Scientists Collective (
MicroAssembly Technologies (
ArtCar World (
ArtCar Fest (
MD Resource (
Tehama Wireless Design Group (
Skyhook Wireless (
Innovative Robotic Solutions (

Bottom line: I get it done.


fun with microprocessors


I do the following kinds of things for money:







Eight-channel high-voltage amplifier with computer interface for high-frequency testing of MEMS device