cinnabar charm

copyright Th. Metzger


Hear, black hole, blood magnet, poon queen lodestone,
jaboney consort jah-jah jawbone, body and soul,
Balaam's ass talking trash -

Here, bloodred root magnet, cinnabar maw, furnace full of puddling ore,
mercury running from your pores, pouring from your sluice gate,
a river of red shine -

Hear, blood pudding mother, queen of steam,
your pure puccoon dying me the color of burnt rust,
chewing my food and feeding me mouth to mouth,
metallic flavors from your tongue to mine,
iron stench, hemoglobin, brittle oxides -

Rise and infect
Rise and infect
Rise and infect

This, your particle/wave bomboy, your horehound bone jobber,
my iron tusk slathered with your soul balm.
My limbs are heavy and soft, liquid lead.
Your red ink stings my eyes.
Your body's negative space, the carnal void,
sucks like the red-hot nothing between the stars.

Here, blood root puccoon poontang, puddle of alizarin joy,
liquid lodestar, mercury jetting out the top like a bullet of pure love.
I eat carbon black, sulfur, iron filings, saltpeter
and grind them in the mortar of my mouth.
My tongue the fuse, sizzling already,
one kiss and I explode,
blood atonement,
I explode.

By virtue of bon-bon, chocolate, vanilla, van-van,
the ghost of your absolute cherry,
by almond, licorice and madder vine,
by your red red flag flapping in the greasy wind,
by heavy metal menses,
by cruor and cicatrix,
by balm, bomb, bim bam boom.
I call -
I command you -

Rise and infect, skin me down
Rise and infect, strip these gears
Rise and infect, cook me in your arms
Rise and infect me with a kiss.